Welcome: A warm welcome to the Faculty of Humanities, the Mother of all Faculties!

The Genesis

The Faculty of Humanities in Clifford University (CLU) shares the same birthday with the University itself, precisely 22nd November, 2016, the day the Institution was officially commissioned by the Federal Government of Nigeria to operate as a private University. It is one of the three pioneer Faculties of CLU, the other two being the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences and the Faculty of Science.


All over the academic world, Faculties of Humanities (otherwise known as Faculties of Arts in some universities) have historically been regarded and recognized as the ‘’Mother of all Faculties ‘’ in the academy. One major reason for this pride of place and special honorific  regard for the Humanities is that it is only in them that homo sapiens is educated wholistically, bodily (corpus), mentally (mens) and spiritually (spiritus).Any form of education that is wanting in educating (educere) any of these three dimensions of the person is half-baked and substantially deficient education.

It is only in the Faculty of Humanities that the sciences that make humans truly human and humane are taught, such as Religion and Culture (without which there would be no true humanity or humanness, homo sapiens being also homo religiosus ), Philosophy (the love of wisdom), Languages (which differentiate and distinguish humans from non-human beings and define human identity), History (without the knowledge of which individuals and nations would continue to repeat the mistakes of their past), Social and Religious Ethics (which help individuals to live and let live morally good lives that strengthen and sustain safe and secure societies), et cetera.

The significance for existence of the Faculty of Humanities and the study of ‘’Humanistic’’ disciplines in the university all over the world cannot, therefore, be over- emphasized.