From the inception of planet earth man was made a dominant creature endowed with intellect to understand nature and care for other creatures and their prevailing environment. Through understanding of nature, man is empowered to exploit the earth and universe without violating the laws of nature that ensure harmonious sustenance of the earth and peaceful coexistence of the creatures therein. In line with this philosophy, the Faculty of Science, Clifford University, pursues well organized study programmes in the biological, chemical, physical and mathematical sciences; teaching science as an integrated whole. For example, Mathematics is to be seen in the organization of the physical, chemical and biological constituents of planet earth and the entire universe, appreciating how these components mutually impact one another. In the scientific exposition of students, the Faculty organizes systematic investigation (research) into the nature of these components, their interactions and the laws governing them. The knowledge gained becomes applied in achieving the objective of overcoming the numerous problems besetting human existence including;
  • Weather and Climatic change
  • Agriculture and Food insecurity
  • Medicine and the emerging and re-emerging diseases
  • Exploitation of the earth resources
  • Industrialization and attendant issues
  • Poverty, poverty alleviation and self-reliance
All these are geared towards training a whole man to realize man’s endowed potentials and to use both knowledge and skills acquired to serve God’s purpose for this planet, the graduate’s immediate community and the world in general. Thus, Clifford University, as God inspires, is well positioned to contribute to the emergence of new academic programmes and introduction of new technologies to update human civilization.