University Library


  • Develop collections of sufficient quality, size and diversity to support learning, teaching and research requirements of the university.
  • Position the library to serve as gateway for coherent and easy access to major national and international information and research resources through a variety of communication media.
  • Create and disseminate scholarly information and information resources that reflects the strength of the University.
  • Create a library environment that induces, encourages and facilitates research and learning.
  • Create an online catalogue of the library collection and link catalogue searching to a document delivery service.
  • Keep up to date and abreast of new knowledge, technological breakthroughs and scientific discoveries and make them available and accessible to users in a variety of formats.
  • Create a library without walls.
  • Develop core collections relevant to the needs of the University and immediate cultural environment.
  • Co-operate with other universities and research libraries, nationally and internationally, with a view to providing academic and research materials that will be at the disposal of all students, academic and non-academic staff.
  • Computerize the library processes and get fully connected to the Internet in order to enjoy and take advantage of the global library services of networking and resource sharing.
  • Encourage the collation, documentation, preservation and dissemination of local research findings.