University Library


  • The following are rules guiding the ethical conduct of library users in the library. Users are to adhere by them as any infringement will lead to stringent sanction.
  • Users are expected to behave in a considerate manner and not to distract others’ attention by talking loudly or by disturbing.
  • Smoking, drinking and eating are not permitted in the library.
  • Umbrellas, briefcases and bags are not supposed to be brought into the library. However, where they are brought, they may be placed at the owner’s risk in the students’ locker area.   
  •  Users are not permitted to operate any electrical fitting without the knowledge of a library staff. Any form of insult/assault on any of the librarians or library staff will attract stiff punishment/suspension from the use of library.
  • Users are not allowed to sleep in the library.
  • There must be total silence in the Library and its environment at all times.
  • The use of handsets/mobile phones are prohibited in the library, Phone calls should be made outside the Library. All phones must be on silent mode.
  • Children are not normally allowed in the library.
  • Fighting and quarreling in the library attracts stiff penalties.
  • Reading tables and chairs must not be moved from their positions.
  • Indiscriminate pulling down of books in the library is not allowed.
  • Taking a book that is not borrowed to you out of the library without the notice of library staff can attract very stiff penalties.
  •  Weapons and sharp objects such as guns, knives, razor blades, scissors, axe, etc. are prohibited in the library.
  • Users are prohibited from writing on the tables and chairs.
  • It is a serious offence to deface/mutilate any library material. Users caught marking, defacing or mutilating any material will be made to pay for such book or item.
  • Users are required to submit themselves to be checked at the entrance and exit gate before leaving the Library.