University Library


CLU library is the hub of academic activities of the institution. Students, staff and researchers make use of the library for learning, teaching, research and development. The services of the library include:
  • Online information services
  • Access to online e-resources
  • Offline information resources/access
  • Other e-library services
  • Loan services
  • Reference services
  • Inter- library loan services
  • Current awareness services
  • Selective Dissemination of Information
  • Email services
  • Social media pop-up delivery
  • Teaching and training services (old and new users) among others
  • The library operates shift duties in order to ensure that staff, students, and researchers make maximum use of the materials.
  • Relevant information is downloaded from databases and made available to users.
  • The library organizes orientation program and also gives referral letters to students for research activities to other libraries.