The University Sports Unit provides a comprehensive range of sports and games activities, with the objective of promoting the physical and mental well-being of both staff, students and the general public. The Unit, therefore, strongly encourages everyone to be involved in sporting activities in the University. Participating in these activities is a great way to stay fit, relieve stress, meet new people, and take up new and exciting hobbies, all in a safe, welcoming and stimulating serene environment. The Unit is staff and student oriented and is instructional, recreational, and competitive in nature.


The mission of Clifford University Sports is driven by the all-encompassing mission of the University to provide social, cognitive, psychomotor and leadership experiences that will prepare beneficiaries to be adequately and holistically empowered and equipped for service to God, humanity and participants.


The Sports Unit presently focuses on eight sporting activities: Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Badminton, Basketball, Table Tennis, Athletics and Aerobics. These activities are coordinated by the Director of Sports, Sports Assistants and other staff with requisite sporting experience.