Faculty of Management and Social Sciences

Philosophy and Objectives

Management and Social Science programmes are daily becoming one of the essential tools of producing leaders with knowledge and skills to assist them in occupying positions of responsibility in Government, Commerce, Industry and various other management and Social settings. Trends in these areas have shown that individuals must be prepared both academically and professionally to man government, non-governmental and personal organizations, agencies and businesses. Time has come in Nigeria and globally when informed individuals must take charge of the committed management of all spheres of human endeavor including social science, through academic excellence and research which the Faculty of Management and Social Sciences, Clifford University provides. The current climb of the University to the National and International limelight and its unique position geographically and politically brings the significance of the Faculty as a distinct entity that offers B.Sc. degrees in the traditional Social Science programmes with the intent of first training high level man power in this emerging area of study who will train the Nigerian children in knowledge and skills that will make them become change agents in their environment. In doing this, it has adopted a collaborative and cooperation with other units of the University academia such as the computer science and technology unit to strengthen its overall programmes curriculum delivery to students and empower them to be better qualified for a profession and in specialized employment.

Mission Statement

The mission statement of the faculty stems from the overall mission statement of Clifford University. It therefore has as its mission, the preparation of students for managerial leadership for placements in the Global management environment in general and Nigeria in general. The focus is to enhance, improve and expand the workforce in the areas of accounting, Economics, Political Science, Business Administration, and related fields and specializations.

Prof. Nathaniel C. Nwezeaku 

Visiting Dean, Faculty of Management and Social Sciences