The Clifford University (CLU) Library is strategically situated at the centre of the University campus to provide access to information to members of the university community and visitors. The CLU Library environment is conducive and serene with ambient atmosphere which provokes learning and research. At a time of continuous change in all human endeavours, the CLU Library remains the stronghold of information and responds to the needs of its users through the provision of materials in diverse formats to enhance research, teaching and learning. The CLU Library is cultured and takes deliberate decisions that enhance the research activities of its users as well as meets the needs of its teeming populace. Furthermore, it explores technology in the delivery of information services to its clients, keeping cue of developments around the world and ensuring that its users prefer it to other information service providers. The Library engages its users intellectually through a conscious collection and provision of adequate resources that cut across all fields of human knowledge.


To remain a foremost knowledge and information broker, providing access and tools for efficient use of information by clients.


To provide information resources and services that facilitates the development of the intellectual capacity of users.

Library Services

The Library provides information services to its users to enhance their learning, teaching and research activities. Such services include:
•    Selective dissemination of information (SDI) services
•    Current awareness services
•    Reprographic services
•    Research/information delivery services
•    Loan services and
•    User education services
The Library is poised to go the extra mile to ensure that users have absolute satisfaction in using its services.

Collections of the Library

The Library’s collections cut across print and non-print resources. At its inception in February 26, 2017, the Library had a total collection of 1938 books and 44 periodicals. Currently, it has electronic resources that are accessible on stand-alone systems, including e-journals, e-books and CD-ROM and subscribes to online databases such as EBSCOHOST, AGORA, DOAJ, AJOL, JSTOR, ELSEVIER and HINARI which gives access to over 20,000 e-journals and e-books that are accessible on the Internet and on stand-alone computer systems on the University Intranet. Library users are given access codes which enable them to access information at their leisure.

Opening Hours

The University Library is open to users from Sunday to Friday as follows:
Sundays – 12:00 noon to 6:00 p.m.
Monday to Friday – 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
The Library does not open on Saturdays and public holidays.