Physical sciences


i.  B.Sc. (Hons) Mathematics/Statistics

ii. B.Sc. (Hons) Physics



The minimum entry requirement for admission to the Bachelor’s degree programme in the Department of Physical Sciences in accordance with the minimum academic standard of the National University Commission (NUC) is five (5) credits passes at not more than two sittings in the West African School Certificate (WASC), or Senior School Certificate Examination (SSCE) or (NECO) or NABTEB examination. The credits must include English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and Biology or Agricultural Science.

The candidate can also be admitted into 200 level through the direct entry programme. The admission requirement for this category is as stated below:


(i)  Two A/level JUPEB passes in physics and any one of mathematics or chemistry including UTME requirement.

(ii)  OND or ND in physics with upper credit from a recognized Institutions including UTME requirement.

(iii)  HND in Physics with lower credit from a recognized institution including UTME.


Change of programmes will only be allowed after the completion of two semesters. The student’s request is channelled through the Department which, in consultation with relevant units of the University, recommend as appropriate by signing the change of programme form as an indication of releasing the student to the accepting Department.  

Clifford University adopts the 5-point grading system after its adoption by the University Senate and translates as follows:

The course grading system for the University is as follows:

Grades Definition                    Marks Range                      Points                       Quality                     

A                                               70-100                                  5.00                           Superior

B                                               60-69                                    4.00                           Above Average

C                                              50-59                                     3.00                           Average

D                                              45-49                                     2.00                           Below Average

F                                               0-44                                      0.00                            Failure


The normal course load for full time students ranges from 15 (minimum) to 24 (maximum) credit units per semester. In other words no full-time student is permitted to register for less than 15 or more than 24 credit units per semester.


(1)  There are designed periods for normal and late registration of courses every session. Further details on late registration may be obtained from Academic Office of the Registry.

(ii)   Course registration is the responsibility of the students’ parent department.

(iii)  Designated lecturers in the Department cross-check students/academic records and credentials and sign their registration forms.

(iv)  Students are not permitted to sit for examinations in courses for which they have not earlier registered. Breach of this regulation attracts severe disciplinary measures.


• Failed courses must be re-registered by the students but the maximum of 24 credits units per semester must not be exceeded.

• Students are not permitted to register for taught courses during the period for industrial training.


(1)     Each and every course is continuously assessed using practical (experimental) reports, quizzes, tests, assignments, etc. Normally, continuous assessment constitutes up to 30% of the marks for the course and administered during the lecture period (i.e. preceding the semester examination).

(ii)     The entire semester’s work is further assessed by semester examinations which constitute 70%. Therefore, the final grade of the students in each course is the combination of the continuous assessments and the result of the semester examination. The total score for the semester is 100%. 


To be eligible for the award of a degree, a student in the four Faculties presently mounted by Clifford University must obtain a total of 120 credits in a four-year degree programme, or 90 credits in a three-year degree programme including those earned from all courses. Those earned in the GST courses are inclusive. Clifford University degrees shall be awarded on the authority of Senate only to students who have been found worthy in character and learning. Students must have successfully completed and passed all prescribed examinations for courses required for a degree programme. Students shall not be involved in gross misconduct, such as, but not limited to examination misconduct, convicted felony: other convicted criminal offences; and association with or membership of secret cult or any organization proscribed by the University, or Government.


One of the following four classifications of Degrees shall be awarded in Clifford University based on the CGPA earned:

Class of Degree                                                  Range of CGPA

First Class Honours                                             4.50 – 5.00

Second Class Honours Upper Division               3.50 - 4.49

Second Class Honours  Lower Division              2.40 - 3.49

Third Class Honour                                             1.00 - 1.49

Thus the University does not award a pass degree.