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Investigation of Graphite and Sulphide Minerals in Some Parts of Southern Umuahia Using Self Potenti ...

Journal: Journal of Geography, Environment and Earth Science International (JGEESI), 2018
Author: Azunna, Daniel E and Chukwu, Godwill U.

The Story of Boaz in the Book of Ruth

Journal: Advances in Multidisciplinary Scientific (AIMS) Research Journal: An International Multidisciplinary Journal , 2017
Author: Esowe, Dimgba Dimgba

Effects of Overcrowded Classrooms on Students Performance

Journal: Journal of Technology and Education, 2011
Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K

Religion, Ethics and Human Trafficking in Contemporary Nigeria,

Journal: Archive for Psychopathology and Counselling-Psychotherapy, 2017
Author: Dimgba D. Esowe, Iheanacho M. Alala and Enebieni E. Eko

Physicochemical Properties of Carboxymethyl Mango Starch

Journal: IOSR Journal of Applied Chemistry, 2016
Author: E.C. Agwamba L.G. Hassan M. Achor A.I., Tsafe and A.M. Sokoto

Female Genital Schistosomiasis (FGS) in S. haematobium Infection

Journal: European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2015
Author: Nwosu, D.C., Obeagu, Emmanuel Ifeanyi, Opara A.U., Nwanjo, H.U., Nwachukwu P.C. Avoaja D.A., Ajaero C.M.U., Nnorom, R.M.

Global Educational Structure: A Transcedental Approach

Journal: Journal of Science, Arts and Educational Psychology, 2011
Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K.

Conscious Preparation to Pair, in Singles, Choice Socialization

Journal: Adventist Youth Ministries Department of Enugu-Ebonyi Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 2014
Author: Esowe, Dimgba Dimgba

Development Appraisal, Performance Appraisal and Work Performance

Journal: Journal of Science Education, 2011
Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K.

Techniques in Classroom Conflict Management in Schools

Journal: Journal of Technology and Education, 2011
Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K.