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Cultism and the Falling Standard of Nigerian Schools: The Way Forward

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Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K.

An assessment of rural libraries and information services for rural development: A study of Delta St ...

Journal: The Electronic Library, 2016
Author: Saturday U. Omeluzor, Gloria O. Oyovwe-Tinuoye, Uche Emeka-Ukwu,

Internal Branding in Retail Sectors

Journal: Journal of Technology and Education, 2011
Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K.

Religion, Ethics and Human Trafficking in Contemporary Nigeria,

Journal: Archive for Psychopathology and Counselling-Psychotherapy, 2017
Author: Dimgba D. Esowe, Iheanacho M. Alala and Enebieni E. Eko

Appraisal of Effects of Students Inter-personal Relationships on Overall Academic Performance in Te ...

Journal: Journal of Environmental Education, 2011
Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K.

An Appraisal of Metaphysical Foundation of African Culture

Journal: ICHEKE: Journal of the Faculty of Humanities, 2015
Author: Etta, Emmanuel E., Offiong O. Asukwo and Dimgba Dimgba Esowe

The Relevance of John the Baptists Ministry in Luke 3: 10 14 to Contemporary Nigeria

Journal: Religions: Journal of the Nigerian Association for the Study of Religions, 2017
Author: Esowe, Dimgba Dimgba, PhD

Explanation, Supernaturalism and Complementary Rationality

Journal: Journal of Complementary Reflection: Studies In Asouzu, , 2011
Author: Esowe, Dimgba Dimgba

Effects of Overcrowded Classrooms on Students Performance

Journal: Journal of Technology and Education, 2011
Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K

Lymphatic filariasis: Knowledge, Attitude and Practices Among Inhabitants of an Irrigation Project ...

Journal: Asian Pacific Journal of Tropical Disease , 2016
Author: Ebube Charles Amaechi, Camelita Chima Ohaeri, Onyinye Mkpola Ukpai, Prosper Chidi Nwachukwu, Ukoha Kalu Ukoha