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I will Dress Modestly, in While I Am Still Single.

Journal: Adventist Youth Ministries Department of Ebonyi Conference of Seventh-Day Adventist Church, 2016
Author: Esowe, Dimgba Dimgba

Religion, Ethics and Human Trafficking in Contemporary Nigeria,

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Prevalence of Entamoeba histolytica Among Primary School Children in Ukwa West Local Government Are ...

Journal: The Bioscientist , 2014
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The Need to Re-Conceptualize African Traditional Religion, in African Research Review

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Sustainable Team Management Techniques in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

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Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K.

Corporate Governance Disclosure and Financial Performance

Journal: Journal of Science Education, 2011
Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K.

Investigation of Graphite and Sulphide Minerals in Some Parts of Southern Umuahia Using Self Potenti ...

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Author: Azunna, Daniel E and Chukwu, Godwill U.

Conflict Between Religion and Science in Africa,

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Author: Esowe,Dimgba Dimgba

An assessment of rural libraries and information services for rural development: A study of Delta St ...

Journal: The Electronic Library, 2016
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The Effect of Networked Learning and Connectivism on Quality of Education

Journal: Journal of Science and Humanities, 2011
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