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Index of Potential Contamination for Urinary Schistosomiasis in Afikpo North L.G.A. Ebonyi State

Journal: European Journal of Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Sciences, 2015
Author: Nwachukwu, P.C., Nwosu, D.C., Avoaja, D.A., Ajero, C.M.U., Nwanjo, H.U., Obeagu, Emmanuel Ifeanyi, Nnorom, R.M., Okpara

Impact of Working Capital on Company Performance

Journal: Journal of Science Education, 2011
Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K.

Strategic Management of Problems related to Customer Satisfaction

Journal: Journal of Social Sciences and Engineering, 2011
Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K.

An Appraisal of Metaphysical Foundation of African Culture

Journal: ICHEKE: Journal of the Faculty of Humanities, 2015
Author: Etta, Emmanuel E., Offiong O. Asukwo and Dimgba Dimgba Esowe

Appraising Some Eastern Nigeria Cultural Practices on the Basis of the Moral Foundation of the Chr ...

Journal: International Journal of Innovative Research Development, , 2016
Author: Esowe, Dimgba Dimgba, Joseph Nkang Ogar and Offiong Okon Asukwo

Sustainable Team Management Techniques in Nigerian Tertiary Institutions

Journal: Journal of Science and Humanities, 2011
Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K.

Climate Change: Global Indicators, Socio-economic Implications and Mitigation.

Journal: International Journal of Environment and Climate Change, 10(2), 70-80, 2020
Author: 1. Azunna, D. E., Chukwu, G. U., Igboekwe, M. U., Anyadiegwu, F. C.

The Effect of Cultural Revolution on Education

Journal: Journal of Environmental Education, 2011
Author: Nwangwa, K.C.K.

The effects of Dark Energy on Gravitation

Journal: Physical science international journal, 2020
Author: Emea Ajike Eziyi1, Orji Obinwa1 , Nwasuka Stanley Chinwekele2 , Jonah Ndukwe Aso and Friday Chiedozie

The Story of Boaz in the Book of Ruth: A Veritable Tool for Arousing the Interest of African Youth ...

Journal: An International Multidisciplinary Journal domiciled in Southern University, Baton Rouge Los Angeles, USA Vol. 3. No4 , 2017
Author: Esowe, Dimgba Dimgba