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Ph.D (UniUyo), M.A (UniPort), B.A (Babcock), NCE (Zaria)

  • Designation: Director of Quality Assurance Unit
  • Office/Department: English Languauge
  • Specialisation: Pragmatic and Discourse Analysis
  • Tel: 08038715203/08100713728

Scholarly/Professional Summary

Cognitive Constructivism and information and Communication Technology-based teaching of English language in tertiary institutions in Nigeria a paper presented at the 9th University of Uyo conference on Language and Literature (UCOLL) held February21-24, 2017 at University of Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State.

Other Information

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) English Studies, Nov., 2021Master of Art (M.A) English Studies, May, 2014.Bachelor of Art (B.A.) Honors English Studies, June, 2007Nigeria Certificate in Education (NCE) May, 2001Senior School Certificate, Nov., 2002First School Leaving Certificate, June, 1989
Researcher in Pragmatics and Discourse Analysis
Member, Adventist Educators Association of Nigeria (ADEASON)Member, University of Uyo conference on Language and Literature (UCOLL)Member, Linguistic Association of Nigeria (LAN)Member, Pragmatics Association of Nigeria (PrAN)Member, Faculties of Arts/Humanities Association of Nigeria (FAHANU)
Ph.D, M.A, B.A, NCE, GCE


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Homonyms in Igbo: Highlight concepts and situating universality

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