Why Study With Us

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We deliver an outstanding learning experience that equips our students for future success.

Study with us and you’ll be challenged and supported.

Why choose Clifford University

Affordable Private University
Studying in a private university with first class learning facilities without having to break the bank is possible at CLU. Clifford University gives you value for your tuition fee.
Green And Secured Environment
Climate change is at the top of the global challenge. Here in CLU our environment is intentionally sustained for a greener ecosystem. CLU is known for its green and sustainable environment. Our environment is clean, serene, secured, beautiful, and breathtaking.
Cultural Diversity
Thousands of students from different tribes with one goal, one purpose, one faith and one God come together at CLU. Not only has this diverse setting been one of our strengths, it also enabled us the opportunity to provide a multicultural learning environment for our students.
Great Education and Assistantship
Our courses are scrutinized and built by faculty of active industry leaders and academic experts who understands how to succeed in today’s professional market. When you choose CLU, you learn from a group of intelligent, knowledgeable professors interested in giving you the best possible experience. As you study your chosen major, you’ll learn about how each subject aligns with your Christian values.
Healthy Diet
CLU adopts the Seventh Day Adventist healthy diet which is believed to best promote both physical and mental strength. Our key longevity secrets and our students hidden secret of a sharper mind lies in the healthy dieting practice.
High Moral Standard
Student and staff in the four walls of CLU are upheld by great standard that has indisputably affected their moral positively. Leaning in your faith throughout your university experience can help you feel stable and supported while many other aspects of your life are changing.