Payment Guideline

To begin any payment,
Enter your Full Name, Functional Email Address and Phone Number,

Then select Session and Type of Application,

The Amount and Processing Charge will load automatically

Select the Payment Type and

Click Proceed Button

If the Payment Type selected is Bank, that means you wish to make payment at the bank hence, print the Payment Invoice and proceed to any bank to pay using the RRR Number on the invoice using Remita platform.

If the Payment Type selected is Master Card or VISA Card, follow the below guidelines:

Input your Card Number, CVV2 (last three digits on the back side of your card), Card Expiry date and Pin.
Click on the Pay button.

After a successful payment either at the Bank or Debit Card, you will receive a confirmation email in the email address you provided and the portal is automatically credited. If the payment does not reflect on your portal, please contact indicating your Registration/Matric No with your envidence of payment..

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